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تاريخ التسجيل: Oct 2008
الدولة: سوريا
العمر: 28
المشاركات: 455
معدل تقييم المستوى: 7
ذكـــــ ـــــرى is on a distinguished road
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إخوتي الأعزاء ..

فيما يلي إختبار تحديد المستوي ( 40 سؤال)

مع الإجابات الصحيحة لمن يريد مراجعة إجاباته

ومعرفة الأخطاء .

1. A: What __________ you doing?
B: I am opening this box.

• a) are
• b) be
• c) do
• d) is

2. A: Does she like swimming?
B: No, she _____ .

• a) does
• b) don't
• c) doesn't
• d) isn't

3. A: What _____ you like to drink?
B: A glass of water, please.

• a) are
• b) will
• c) can
• d) would

4. A: _____ you ever seen a Golden Eagle?
B: Yes, I have. It was in Scotland.

• a) Have
• b) Are
• c) Did
• d) Had

5. A: Have you been in England a long time?
B: Yes, several months. I've been here _____ August last year.

• a) in
• b) since
• c) for
• d) during

6. A: What were you doing when I called you yesterday?
B: I _____ cleaning the kitchen. That's why I was in a hurry.

• a) been
• b) did
• c) am
• d) was

7. A: How fast can you read English?
B: I'm quite good but Julia is _____ than me.

• aa) fastest
• b) more fast
• c) faster
• d) fast .

A: He's very clever. He says, he _____ be a professor.
B: Good luck to him!

• a) intends
• b) is
• c) is going to
• d) wants

9. A: How long ______ you been a dancer?
B: About six years now. I love it.

• a) were
• b) have
• c) had
• d) did

10. A: Who _______ the housework in your home?
B: We all share it, but my mother does most of it.

• a) makes
• b) does
• c) gets
• d) works

11. A: Was John ready for his exam last week?
B: No, he _________ studied anything at all.

• a) hasn't
• b) hadn't
• c) didn't
• d) wasn't

12. A: Do you like photography?
B: Not really, but I'm quite interested ___ art.

• a) on
• b) of
• c) to
• d) in

13. A: I _____ walking to work this way for twenty years.
B: That's a long time! Do you even walk in the rain?

• a) am
• b) have been
• c) was
• d) had been

14. A: John is always busy. He has to ______.
B: Yes, I know. So do I.

• a) work hard
• b) work hardly
• c) hardly work
• d) hard work

15. A: What _____ happen if all the clocks in London stopped?
B: I don't know. What a silly question!

• a) do
• b) will
• c) can
• d) would

16. A: Do you like the theatre?
B: Sometimes, it depends ___ the play.

• a) on
• b) of
• c) about
• d) in

17. A: It was a fantastic party!
B: Yes, John ________ it was good.

• a) told
• b) said
• c) said us
• d) told to us

18. A: Do you like your teacher?
B: Yes, but she always ___ annoyed when I ask questions.

• a) is
• b) has
• c) gets
• d) make

19. A: I don't really like watching TV much.
B: John doesn't ________ . That's why I watch it alone.

• a) so
• b) either
• c) neither
• d) too

20. A: In our school they ____________ stay behind late if we didn't do our homework.
B: That seems very strict.

• a) made us
• b) let us to
• c) didn't allow us
• d) forced us

21. A: Is the school strict about uniforms?
B: No, you __________ wear a uniform.

• a) mustn't
• b) can't
• c) don't have to
• d) shouldn't

22. A: I'm fed up with all this work. Do you want to go __ a coffee?
B: OK then. There's a café just next door.

• a) to
• b) have
• c) get
• d) for

23. A: She's got a great suntan.
B: Yes, she _______ been somewhere sunny on her holiday.

• a) should have
• b) must have
• c) had
• d) maybe have

24. A: I've just started playing tennis. It's great!
B: That's good! I think I need to _______ a new sport too.

• a) take up
• b) take after
• c) take out
• d) take to

25. A: I'm tired. I've _________ all day.
B: Sit down and I'll get you a cup of tea.

• a) being working
• b) be working
• c) been working
• d) working

26. A: ______________ you mind helping me move this table?
B: Not at all. Where shall I put it?

• a) Wouldn't
• b) Will
• c) Could
• d) Would

27. A: I like shopping alone but my wife insisted ___________ too.
B: I think it's more fun together too.

• a) to come
• b) coming
• c) for coming
• d) on coming 28.

A: Do you know what the Queen is going to say in her speech?
B: I imagine she ____________ that it has been
a good year.

• a) be saying
• b) be say
• c) will be saying
• d) says

29. A: Do you think you will take that job?
B: I don't know. I can't _______ my mind.

• a) decide on
• b) make up
• c) change up
• d) think to

30. A: What did she say to your idea about joining a sports club?
B: She was really ___________ .

• a) enthusiast
• b) enthusiasm
• c) enthusiastical
• d) enthusiastic

31. A: What are you doing on Saturday afternoon?
B: I ______ my hair done.

• a) am getting
• b) get
• c) am doing
• d) have

32. A: How do you feel?
B: Not good. I wish I ____________ that big
meal last night.

• a) didn't have
• b) wouldn't have had
• c) hadn't had
• d) hadn't

33. A: Would you like to go out tonight?
B: Not really – I'd ________ stay at home and watch TV.

• a) rather
• b) prefer
• c) like
• d) want

34. A: So Jack worked hard to get promotion, didn't he?
B: Yes, If he ____________ worked so hard, he might have lost his job.

• a) wasn't
• b) hadn't
• c) weren't
• d) would not have

35. A: Why did you arrive so late?
B: We stopped ___________ some shopping along the way.

• a) to make
• b) doing
• c) to do
• d) making

36. A: When are you going to see your dentist?
B: I ________ an appointment on July 24th.

• a) have
• b) make
• c) attend to
• d) go on

37. A: What is a platypus?
B: It's an animal _____ lives near rivers in Australia. It's quite rare.

• a) which
• b) it
• c) who
• d) what

38. A: __________ you do as you are told, you will not be allowed in this class.
B: OK then, if you insist.

• a) If only
• b) If
• c) Supposing
• d) Unless

39. A: All flights from Manchester have been cancelled.
B: I suppose you'd ________ take the train then.

• a) rather
• b) well
• c) better
• d) should

40. A: He seems very confident of success.
B: Yes. Well, he doesn't _____ courage.

• a) have lack
• b) lack of
• c) lack to
• d) lack

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